Shipping rates:

International shipping


000g-100g: 7,50 € (1xCS or 1xCD)

101g-500g : 10,20 €
500g-1000g : 16,60 €
1000g-7000g : 25,00 € 


000g-100g: 8,50 € (1xCS or 1xCD)
101g-500g : 13,75 €
500g-1000g : 24,85 €
1000g-2000g : 41,15 €

More than 2Kg - Special package.
Ask to know the current costs.

2. Envíos Nacionales "Cetificada"

de 0,0 a 0,5 Kg: 5,00 € (1 LP,1-2 CS ó 1-2 CD)

de 0,5 a 1 Kg : 6,85 € (1-3 LPS)
de 1 a 2 Kg : 7,85 € (4-6 LPS)
de 2 a 5 Kg : 8,85 €
de 5 a 10 Kg : 10,85 €


Ways to pay for your order:
In general please do never send any money until you have received the invoice from Atemporal Records.
1. Payment via bank transfer: bank transfers within the European Union are charge-free when you do a SWIFT-bank-transfer (which means you use IBAN and BIC). If you transfer from non-EU countries a bank fee will apply.
2. Payment via PayPal: if you want to pay via PayPal, please ask for the email-address where to send the money to. A fee will apply which will be calculated upon the current PayPal charges.
Spain & EU: approx. 3,9% + EUR 0,35
World: approx. 4,9% + EUR 0,35
Shipping policy:
Atemporal Records is shipping items ONLY after receiving full payment - there are no exceptions. Please do not order if you cannot or intend not to pay...

Return Policy:
Defective merchandise new or used may be returned within 7 days of delivery for REPLACEMENT ONLY. If item is out-of-stock upon return, a STORE CREDIT will be issued for the exact amount of item. NO REFUNDS will be offered. Any new items must be in original packaging upon return. There are no returns allowed on any new items that have been opened/used in any way, unless exceptions have been made. We do not accept returns on special orders. Mail order customers are responsible for any/all return shipping charges. Only defective products may be returned and damages must be reported within 5 days of delivery. All return packages should be returned to Atemporal Records (Spain)