lunes, 15 de junio de 2015

Mesh - Cenotaph 2xLP (2015) AT-007

Out Now.


A1.This Time 6:57
A2.Then She Said 3:46
A3.Happy Than Never 5:46
A4.Inside 4:17

B1.Time Is Gone 3:07
B2. Forest Full Of Blades 2:25
B3.Gravity Falls 6:07
B4.Twisted Head 3:42
B5.I Could Say 8:03 


C1.I Wish 7:17
C2.Fleur De Tonnerre 6:20
C3.Cheerie 5:25
C4.Don't Tell Me 4:33 

D1.The Same 5:52
D2. Care 7:24 
D3. Dear God 6:22 
D4 The Laughing Stairs 4:47

Vinyl limited edition,265 copies for collectors.

Remastered by Mariano Lozano-P

MESH started around 1980, in Geneva, Switzerland, It was a two member band with a drum machine jumping from sordid, slow and dark numbers to two minutes almost punk ones, they self-produced in 1986 “claustrophobia” a rare and impossible to find LP with superb synthpop and darkwave gemms, now re-edited and re-mastered in this 2xLP  including the unreleased material from the Onkalo sessions from 1987-1988.

Gear used:  Roland TR-808 , Boss Dr 55, Sequential Circuit DrumTraks , Kawai RX100 , Roland SH-101, Korg Poly 800, Sequential Circuit Pro One , Yamaha DX7 and Roland Juno 60.